Mentoring Teachers

Thank you for your interest in helping us support our colleagues in Africa. This project begins with a passion – a passion and a love for the continent of Africa and the kind and gentle people who live there.

People are much the same all over the globe. However, circumstances are very different. Teachers have the same desires for their students, but resources are few for so many.

teachers-togetherIf you have nothing but raw, sterile curriculum, what would/could help you teach more effectively? Those are the ideas we’re looking for to help these teachers – practical classroom strategies to aid in knowledge retention and critical thinking skills.

That is where we come in – teachers with abundant resources sharing with those without. No money need be involved – it’s simply about ideas, practical classroom strategies that will help increase the quality of education where the needs are great. It’s also about friendship between two continents so far away, but not so different.

Teachers in Africa are very similar to teachers here in America. The primary difference is we have exponentially more resources available to us. African teachers are primarily trained in content only. A handful of the universities provide strategic training but obviously, most of the teachers do not have access to these universities. Many teachers are trained at vocational schools only, with only very basic tools with which to work. This often causes discouragement for many teachers, who feel they have little to offer students eager to learn. All this to say you may be paired with a highly effective and masterfully trained teacher or with a teacher very anxious to hear everything you have to share and ready to incorporate everything you suggest. In addition to practical strategies, your encouragement and support could make all the difference to the success and effectiveness of your colleague on the other side of the world.

Grammar is a priority! Because many of the teachers we encounter have not mastered the English language, it is important that all communication to them be shining examples of the language on their own – punctuation, sentence structure, appropriate wording, etc. Please be sure to proofread your communication before it is sent, perhaps by an English teacher, so that we may give them our very best.